SkyBluePink Designs

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skybluepinkOne of the most eye-catching stalls at last year’s BOG Potato Day and Green Fair was Skybluepink Designs selling a huge array of hand spun yarns in the most wonderful colours. Jennie spins all the wool herself – for knitting, crochet and weaving.  There are fibres to spin and felt with, from many different breeds of sheep, mostly British.  If you aren’t a knitter, then choose from a range of hand knitted and woven items for sale, including hats and scarves.  Hand woven rugs and throws made from recuperated textiles will also be available.

As Jennie is the organiser of the St Abbs Wool Festival in Eyemouth on 6th April and 2nd November there will be information about – and a taste of what will be on offer at the events. 


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