Seed potato varieties available at Potato Day 2017

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Here are the varieties of seed potato we have ordered for this years Potato Day. Experience tells us that one or two varieties won’t turn up on the day. We’ll try to indicate what you might choose instead if your favourite doesn’t arrive.


Varieties in Bold are organic
Use – this is a general guide on what each variety might be best used for
B= Baking Bo=Boiling; C= chips; GP=General Purpose; M=Mash;
NP=New potato; R=Roasting; S=Salad
Type F=Floury, W=Waxy; M=mid-way between

  • Earlies

    Use Type
    Abbot B/C W
    Accent Bo W
    Arran Pilot NP M
    Casablanca C/R F
    Colleen NP M
    Duke of York NP W
    Dunluce NP M
    Epicure NP F
    Foremost NP M
    Home Guard NP F
    Lady Christl NP M
    Maris Bard NP W
    Olivia C/R M
    Orla C W
    Pentland Javelin NP M
    Premiere GP F
    Red Duke of York NP W
    Rocket NP W
    Sharpes Express C F
    Swift GP M
    Ulster Prince NP W
    Ulster Sceptre NP W
    Vivaldi GP W
    Winston B W
  • Second earlies

    Use Type
    Anya S F
    Apache M/R M
    Athlete S W
    Bonnie Bo/B W
    British Queen B/R F
    Carlingford Bo W
    Catriona GP M
    Charlotte S W
    Cosmos GP M
    Estima GP W
    Gemson Bo/S M
    Inca Bella C/R F
    Innovator C/R F
    International Kidney S W
    Jazzy S W
    Jester Bo W
    Kestrel GP W
    Marfona B W
    Maris Peer Bo M
    Maxine GP W
    Milva Bo/S W
    Nadine Bo W
    Nicola Bo/S W
    Osprey GP M
    Sarpo Kifli Bo/S W
    Sarpo Shona Bo/S W
    Saxon GP W
    Shetland Black M/R F
    Sunrise M/B M
    Wilja Bo W
    Yukon Gold GP F
  • Main crop

    Use Type
    Allouette C/R F
    Ambo B M
    Arran Victory M/R F
    Bambino S W
    Bel de Fontenay S/Bo W
    Blue Belle GP W
    Cara R/B W
    Carolus M/R F
    Desiree GP M
    EM10 B/M F
    Foxton B/M F
    Gael C/R F
    Gastby B M
    Golden Wonder B/R F
    Harmony GP W
    Highland Burgundy M/R F
    Isle of Jura GP F
    Jelly C/R M
    Kerrs Pink GP F
    King Edward GP F
    Lady Balfour GP W
    Lileia M/R F
    Linda C F
    Majestic GP M
    Manitou GP M
    Maris Piper C F
    Mayan Gold C/R F
    Mayan Twilight
    Obrii GP M
    Pentland Crown GP F
    Pentland Dell B/C F
    Picasso GP W
    Pink Fir Apple S W
    Pink Gypsy M F
    Ratte S/Bo W
    Record M/R F
    Red Emmilie Bo/M M
    Red King Edward GP F
    Robinta GP F
    Rooster M/R F
    Rudolph M/R F
    Salad Blue S/M F
    Sante Bo F
    Sarpo Axona M F
    Sarpo Blue Danube M/R F
    Sarpo Gwyn M/R F
    Sarpo Mira C F
    Sarpo Una Bo/C M
    Setanta B/R F
    Stemster GP W
    Vales Sovereign B/Bo M
    Valor GP W
    Violetta Bo/M M
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