Online Ordering
The BOG Seed Potato Online Ordering service is designed to help folk who simply can’t get to Potato Day. Pleaase note that this year we’ll not be able to supply the really popular varieties using this service. So if yoiu want to buy say Charlotte seed potatoes from us, you’ll have to turn up on the day. As you can imagine we can sell them many times over.

Following the success of last year’s online ordering system, we’ve decided we’ll repeat the exercise this year as well. BOG is making this online ordering process available to members and others, especially for members who cannot for whatever reason make it on the 3rd March.

You can place an order which BOG will fulfill during the Potato Day event on the 3rd March, and you can then collect your order from one of several collection points run by volunteers at a time to suit them and you. You need to select the appropriate collection point when filling in the form below for your order.

BOG will endeavour to supply the varieties requested but we can’t guarantee being able to do so. If you will accept substitutes, indicate this at the bottom of the form and we will supply something similar. Further details of potato varieties, including type, uses, season, and whether the seed is organic, can be found in the February 2018 edition of BOG News.

Once you complete the form and send it in, BOG will send you a confirmation email containing details of your order and details of the collection point you have selected.

Please note payment will be on collection from your selected collection point. Payment may be made in cash or by cheque. You are responsible for making contact with the volunteer at the collection point you identified on your order and arranging a suitable time for collection. I’m afraid we can’t deliver seed potatoes in any other way. Of course, we’d be delighted to see you at Potato Day itself on the 11th March.


The data BOG collects from this form will be retained only long enough for all the orders to be picked and packed.  All the data will then be deleted; none will be retained for any purposes whatsoever.