Posters for rearranged Potato Day 2018

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New Potato Day Poster 2018 A4

Here are the revised posters for the rearranged Potato Day 2018.

We very much hope you can help to get the word round about the new date for Potato Day 2018. It would be really helpful to go round and replace all those posters you have already kindly placed with these new ones.

Even more than before we need to get as many people as possible along to the new event.


Please deliver everywhere – libraries, shops, cafes, supermarkets, market stalls, allotments etc.

Send the poster as an attachment to all your email friends.
Put a poster in your and anyone’s Social Media (repeatedly)!
Stick something in your car window
Carry copies with you to give out at any event you are going to

We rely on our members to get word around as this is definitely the most fruitful method.

All these posters will print on A4 paper.

NEW Potato Day 2018 A5 Poster

NEW Potato Day 2018 A4 Poster

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