Posters for Potato Day 2018

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pday2018-2Here are the posters for Potato Day 2018.

We do advertise through standard channels but we need YOU to help distribute posters and the narrow flyer, far and wide.

Please deliver everywhere – libraries, shops, cafes, supermarkets, market stalls, allotments etc.
The flyer (cut into 3 strips) is good left in small piles in suitable places especially by mid-late February.
Send the poster as an attachment to all your email friends.
Put a poster in your and anyone’s Social Media (repeatedly)!
Stick something in your car window
Carry copies with you to give out at any event you are going to

We rely on our members to get word around as this is definitely the most fruitful method.

All these posters will print on A4 paper.

Download the Potato Day 2018 narrow flyer-3 to a page

Download the large Potato Day 2018 flyer– 2 to a page

And by popular demand, here’s the A4 poster:

Potato Day 2018 A4 poster – 1 to a page

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