Organic Gardeners join the Global Climate Strike

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Ilone McDowell, Chair of Border Organic Gardeners writes:

“Hi everyone who came with us on Friday 20th September on the Climate Change demonstration in Edinburgh, everyone demonstrating elsewhere, and all of you who couldn’t come but were there in spirit.

It was such a great day. Best thing for me was being in a crowd with so many children and young people there on their own initiative. Good on Youth Climate Strike for superb organisation.

I felt especially uplifted by the beautiful banners made by Kate, Sarah, Peter, Lesley, Prue, Keith, Christine et al. And very proud to wear the hat!

I believe it adds weight to our plea when 15,000 (modest estimate!) of us come out and march like that. But of course it isn’t enough, so please bring along thoughts and suggestions about how we as gardeners can help, to discuss at the BOG AGM on 20th October.

Ilona McDowell

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