Garden Design – Another successful BOG workshop

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BOG members surveying the desert with dismay

BOG members surveying the desert with dismay Photo: Nick Prior

On a breezy and sunny day 26 BOG members joined Joyce and Nick at their newly-built eco-house near Kelso to give some suggestions on completing the design of their half acre garden, taking into consideration their desire to use existing materials and have wildlife-friendly plants.

Providing clipboards with a sketch of the house and garden, they asked participants to take a good look at the garden and note down any ideas they might have for design or planting. Gardening books were available for reference if needed.

The garden plan

The garden plan

After a wonderful shared lunch, people gathered to give their thoughts on the garden. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful views, but there was a general acknowledgement of the difficulties of establishing planting on such an exposed and stony site, so most suggestions were around providing shelter and working with the existing ground. Suggestions for protection on the west side of the garden included wind-break mesh along the fence, willow hurdles and planting more shrubs and trees.

Several people also felt that Nick should change his proposed poly-tunnel site to a more sheltered area. Advice given on planting included a gravel garden, planting in tubs and sowing wildflower seeds on bare areas as a temporary measure. As Nick and Joyce would be focussing on establishing vegetable beds this year, it was felt important that they don’t try to take on too much all at once with the rest of the garden.

Many thanks to Joyce and Nick for an interesting and enjoyable day and good luck with their garden.

Lesley Blackthorn

Comments from Nick and Joyce:

It was really good seeing so many BOG people turning up and joining in on such a chilly day. Especially good to see a number of new BOG members as well. We really appreciated the advice and opinions freely offered by everyone attending and we’ll make sure we keep BOG up to date with progress, however slow it may be!

Work already started on more shelter and marking out the footpaths

Work already started on more shelter and marking out the footpaths Photo: Nick Prior