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BOG Website

BOG Website

(This was originally published in the BOG Magazine in Feb 2015)

Social Media

At BOG’s regular business meetings, one topic that crops pretty regularly is communication. Each discussion produces suggestions, although not everyone gets acted on. Recently, the development of BOG’s new website has opened up new avenues for electronic communication and made some we’ve explored in the past easier to use.

Now, it must be said that not many who come to BOG Business Meetings are great users of social media. Nevertheless, through the website, BOG now has both a Facebook [search for Borders Organic Gardeners] and twitter presence [search for @bordersorganic, or use hashtag #bordersorganicgardeners or #potatoday for Potato Day information] and now needs ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ so if you’re a social media user please link into BOG’s output and spread the word among your own communities.


We’ve also made strides in better understanding the sending of ‘E-news’ and these are now being sent on a increasingly regular basis. The analysis available shows that 50% or so of those receiving the E-news are using the content to link back to items mentioned in the e-mails, an encouragingly high figure.

If you’re not getting E-news e-mails and want to can you first check that they are not being filed in a junk mail folder. If there’s nothing there, please e-mail Tom at with your name and e-mail address and you’ll be added to the list.


And that brings me to another communication issue – the new BOG website ends in just .org not .org.uk as previously, which is reflected in the BOG e-mail addresses, so please check your address book before trying to e-mail a BOG officer holder. The reason for this is we didn’t keep ownership of the old website address when we created the new one and it’s being used for unrelated advertising sold through the Internet Vikings in Stockholm! We’re exploring the cost of recovering the address so people looking for us won’t see a site promoting holidays