Colin Tudge: Seminar on Campaign for Real Farming

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Colin Tudge

Colin Tudge

BOG has received the following press release on behalf of Colin Tudge. Tudge holds views which are definitely not mainstream – you can get a flavour of them here: http://www.theecologist.org/reviews/books/1993361/why_genes_are_not_selfish_and_people_are_nice.html. If you find this of interest, you may also be interested in the following seminar:

More Mixed Farms and Millions More Farmers

3 day Seminar with Colin Tudge – 29 April – 2 May 2016

The Chisholme Institute: Scottish Borders
Renowned biologist, and science writer Colin Tudge will set out his case for nothing short of an “agrarian revolution,” when he advocates “starting the world all over again” as part of his ongoing Campaign for Real Farming.

From 29 April – 2 May, in a challenging three day seminar at The Chisholme Institute in the Scottish Borders, Colin Tudge will focus on what he has identified as the day-to-day realities of food and farming in today’s global context.

Key Points

  • Colin Tudge will highlight on the need for sustainable “enlightened agriculture” – a complete re-think of the economics, the politics, the science, the scale and the technology behind current farming practices and who controls them.
  • He will pose moral and practical questions, inviting discussion and debate on exactly what farmers really think they should be doing and why.
  • He will explain why farming should draw on the wisdom of the great spiritual traditions to ensure an indefinite future for the human race.

Location and costs – (Booking Essential)

The Chisholme Institute, with its ethos of integrated spirituality, its organic garden, surrounding farmland and tradition of good food, offers an ideal setting for this seminar. Cost: £160 including full board and lodging for three nights. Cost: Non-residential option £100 per day. Booking and enquiries: Tel 01450 880 215. Email:  or web:  www.chisholme.org