Borders Organic Gardeners

Business Meeting

28 West End Road Berwick

January 19th 2014


Prue Pullen, Keith Banyard, Blair & Sarah Cummock, Barbara Graham, Mike van Beinum, Roberta Carruthers, Pauline Dickson, Susan Watts, Jennifer Britain, David Griggs, David
Banks, Jennifer Wallace.

Jennifer Croall, Mike Murray, David and Marina Catt, Jean Bennet, Liz Howell, Judith Davidson.

Minute 22nd Sept 2013 & Matters arising

Minute accepted. Most matters arising are to be discussed today. Spring Programme:

Robert ran through further information needed from even organisers to complete the events section for the newsletter. End of this week is deadline.


This is three quarters completed. Expected to launch publicly by end Feb. BOG officers had received log in details to have a look and after lunch Jenny ran us through the screens.
Comments on the pages will be sent to Jenny by Friday so it can be tweaked. Training day for editors planned for Saturday Feb 1st at JennyWallace’s house.


Account in bank stands at c. £5413.39. Seemed quite low compared to March 2013 but BOG account tends to have peaks and troughs, especially around this time. There will be the
website invoice which is an extra cost. KB reassured that this is normal. Subscriptions and donations start coming in this month so income will rise substantially.

Report on research into grants which was done by PP and MvB. Borders best contact is through the Scottish Borders Council who have at present, excellent staff. For Northumberland the Community Foundation is a resource. Note that grant applications have to be made before a project has started so funding the website upgrade missed this.

Jed Eye

DB described this 5000 circulation magazine which goes out around Jedburgh. DB approached some BOG members about taking on the gardening column it has stopped. A small group has
offered to share a monthly piece and could also use past articles in BOG newsletter. BC holds electronic copies of these. PP will produce a schedule suggest doing it for a year to see how it goes.

DB with his journalist background will find out a bit more and help when he can.

If anyone else is inspired to write the occasional piece – possibly 500-600 words, let Prue or Sarah


Garden Organic has circulated members proposing to decentralise so reviving the idea of local hubs. They would have a single point of contact with a group. BOG used to send a donation to GO but this declined as GO seemed to have little interest in local groups. Interesting to see it rise again. JB will keep contact. Mike Madden in west area emailed that he will also look at this regarding the gardening community around Whitmuir Farm.

Spring Countryside Day 20th May BUAS
Event for schoolchildren (around 10yrs old) being held at the Borders Union Showground Kelso. Aim to have ‘learning with fun’ so is not just having a BOG stall there (as we thought at this meeting). Will need more educational input from BOG. If anyone has any ideas and/or would like to help please contact Prue Pullen in first instance.

Charity and Company discussions:

KB had written a thorough case for continuing with being a charity (for which BOG has also to be a company). (SE can forward his email if anyone wants details). Essentially amongst various reasons, there is limited liability for debts; BOG can receive grants, and already gets gift aid and donations tax free. Would be hard to de-register and if BOG did that its funds would have to go to another charity & BOG would have to begin again. The official responsibilities associated with Charitable status fall mainly on the secretary and treasurer (plus accountant). These have been clearly set out by KB. These to be put into a BOG “Operation Manual”…SE will prepare. Possible candidate information for the new website?

The meeting agreed to stay with status quo. This is the end of this subject!


Brief general discussion about subs & memberships and whether to forewarn people of renewals in Oct newsletter…. All this is much clearer on the new website, with every page
carrying a JOIN button.

Hedge laying workshop

SE has details of contacts for this. If anyone has a hedge which needs laying contact her for the information. BOG could promote if anyone wants to take forward as a
workshop during Oct – February.

Potato day organisation

Susan ran through the task list to check off progress.

  • BUAS – check event is on their website. RC has asked that BUAS advertise on the roadside signboards as they do for other events.
  • Musicians – if want to come will have same corner between toilet door and cafe which seemed OK last year. Assumed Judith is liaising.
  • BOG stands – with PP
  • BOG tables – SW will check with Dave Catt – are they at Mossburnford
  • Banner(s) – KB has the big one and may have the smaller one? To check. Let SW know.
  • BOG Bags – hessian (cost about £2) there are a lot of the recent order left but thought stay with selling at £2.50 on entrance and sales desks. Also cloth tote bags still available. Both with KB.
  • Paper bags – SB to order 3000 from SUMA
  • Volunteers – PP co-ordinating
  • Boxes of stationery, equipment & posters are confirmed.
  • Catering – SE to confirm with Gill Orde who has already offered.
  • Left over potatoes to schools – Liz Howell gets a list of requests from schools. Critical bit is to make sure at end of day when clear up gets a bit frantic, tha remains of sacks 1. have their variety labels still attached (going to be safety pinned to sack) and 2. that varieties aren’t muddled.
  • Tastings – Roberta, Pauline, Jennifer managing. Potato recipes requested – send to
  • Potato dishes can be brought to the table on the Day – if need reheating in microwave, make sure dish can fit standard sized microwave oven.
  • Posters – RC will do and make available within next 2 weeks. Should be available on old website as a downloadable pdf or from , or other members of the BOG committee.
  • Special Events Insurance – SE to confirm that JT has done this.
  • Stalls – after meeting – email from Cheryl Grassam confirms c. 15 stall holders attending 3 still unconfirmed. Essential a schedule of stall positions is sent to BUAS at least 2 weeks in advance for them to arrange screens in correct positions.
  • Children’s activities – Lesley in charge.

Susan Watts is co-ordinating so please send updates to her.