Minutes of BOG Business Meeting.
9/9/2012 at Fenham Mill.

1. Present.
Judith Davison, Jennifer Britain, Sandy Irvine, Liz Howell, Robert Leetham, Steve Elves, David Griggs, Marina Catt, Roberta Carruthers, Pauline Dickson, Bill Smith, Val Smith, Maggie Warner, David Catt, Keith Banyard, Barbara Sexon.

1. Apologies.
Pam Boyd, Rosemary and Graham Bell, Prue Pullen, Frances and Peter Lindsay, Ruth Morozzo, Judith and Robin Wolfe, Sarah and Blair Cummock, Monica Bolton, Sarah Eno, Andy Swales, Susan Watts.

2. Minutes of Last Meeting.
These were agreed as a true record. Proposed by David Catt, seconded by Bill Smith.

3. Matters arising.
· Keith asked about information on the funds given for the walled garden at Paxton. Judith will forward the information received from Carol Jefferson- Smith to Keith.
· Books- a list of discounted books will appear in the next newsletter. Robert will contact Catherine for details.
· The Hawick Allotments exhibition. This was well attended, a lot of interest was shown in BOG and good contacts established.
· Many thanks to Monica who did the BOG stall at Denholm Energy Show.
· Jennifer reported that she had been in contact with Bill Eugster in Wooler, where BOG ran a workshop earlier in the year for the Community Food Garden. The project is going well and Bill knows we are willing to give further support if needed. Sandy will clarify with Sue what has been discussed and write to Bill.

4. Apple Day.
Prue sent her apologies but had emailed around details of things to be addressed. Liz presented her comments.
We discussed the logistics of various issues to do with Apple Day.

5. Website.
Sandy reported that Alan Mould is happy and able to do more on this issue. He has already done significant research and liaison work with our webmaster. He identified our perception of the two functions of the website as a shop window for BOG, and a means of communication between members. He also identified the areas which caused us problems. Some of these areas, such as the system for adding photos to the archives in the site will not be changed as the expense is not justified, others can be addressed fairly easily.

We accepted Alan’s comments and agreed that it would be desirable to have more people as trained editors.

6. Preparations for AGM.
The AGM is in Smailholm Village Hall on 4th November at 9.45 a.m. for 10.00. a.m.
· Judith wishes to stand down as Secretary. We discussed the possibility of splitting the role into the management of business meetings, the “official” role relating to Companies House, OSCR and insurance. Sandy has discussed this with people who may be interested in taking on one or other of these.
· Maggie is hoping to move soon and will be standing down as membership secretary.
· The meeting thanked Judith and Maggie for their work.
· Directors- we have established a pattern where, if possible, one directors stands down each year. This ensures a body of experienced people while preventing the task becoming too onerous. Sandy is consulting with directors on this.

7. Gardeners’ Question Time.
David has been investigating possible venues but has come upon a number of problems. The BBC have demanding criteria for the venue relating to capacity, parking, access etc. which exclude many potential venues. The BBC also specify that the maximum charge per head of £2.50 and some sort of basic catering (glass of wine, hot drink and biscuit/nibbles) must be provided. We discussed the virtues of possible venues and agreed to do more research and decide at the next business meeting whether we want to go ahead with this application.

8. Review of recent events.
Recent workshops and visits seem to have been very successful. Robert commented on the lack of reports on these for the forthcoming newsletter and asked for contributions.
Linked to this- the visit to Catherine and John’s garden at Thirlstane is cancelled as they have building work going on.

9. A.O.B.
· The potato group need to meet to discuss Potato Day. Keith will investigate possible dates. We anticipate fewer varieties being available because of harvesting problems. Alan Romans may not be attending.
· Jennifer Croall has a quantity of horse manure available for collection. Free, but contributions to Friends of BGH appreciated.
· Keith also has access to a quantity of sheep daggings (nasty bits of wool from the back end of the sheep) which work wonderfully as soil improver/compost accelerator etc.
· Ken Cox of Glendoick has asked if could give a talk to promote his book.

Minutes prepared by Judith Davison.