Minutes of BOG Business Meeting
12th May 2012-05-17 Proctors Smiddy

Maggie Warner, Prue Pullen, Jennifer Britain, David Catt, Monica Bolton, Alan Mould,Pam Boyd, Sarah Eno, Jennifer Croall, Robert Leetham, Marina Catt, Catherine Ross, Steve Elves, Sarah Cummock, David Griggs, Keith Banyard, Sandy Irvine (Chairman), Sue Watts, Judith Davison.

1. Apologies.
Liz Howell, Cheryl Grassham, Frances Lindsay, Peter Lindsay, Sue Neville Taylor, Ruth Morozzo, John Wylie, Blair Cummock.

2. Minutes of last meeting.
Proposed as a true record by Sarah Eno, seconded by Monica Bolton.

3. Matters Arising.
· The donation to GO has now been included in the standard AGM agenda.
· Some time ago, we offered to chair the annual AGM for Garden Organic. We had no immediate response to our offer and now feel that already have enough on going projects. Judith will contact GO to withdraw the offer.
· Paxton Walled Garden project. We still haven’t received a report on what the money was spent on. Judith will make contact again.
· Monica is still interested in the Apple Tree Project, but is unable to pursue it at this point in time.
· Website
Alan Mould has been looking at issues raised at the last meeting about the website. Since last meeting he has spoken to all the editors and presented a report which he took us through. (Copy available from Secretary). We discussed this at some length. The outcomes were
· Alan outlined various technical issues which he had clarified with Dave Coyle, relating to the software and hosting used for the site, the fees paid and what was provided. We agreed that we need clarity on what we were paying and what we could expect from the webmaster.
· Robert said that the membership appreciate a hard copy of the newsletter. He believed that a pdf version of each newsletter existed which could be uploaded onto the website fairly easily, perhaps a month after the issue of the newsletter.
· We need a separate meeting of the editors (Judith, David, Maggie and Alan) along with Sandy.
· Alan is happy to be website coordinator.
· Catherine suggested that everyone present should try logging onto the website and review their experience. (Thoughts to one of the editors please).

4. Literature report.
Catherine explained that, financially, the Literature stall was not doing very well as most books are available through internet outlets at much lower prices than bookshops can offer. On the other hand, the Literature stall is very successful as a point of contact with the public for giving advice/general information etc.
In the following discussion we agreed that the main purpose of the stall was to provide a point of contact, rather than to make a profit. Catherine put forward the following proposals.
· The stall continues to function as a source of leaflets, books, sales point for bags etc. and, most importantly, as a first point of contact with the public.
· Many of the less popular titles are being sold off at reduced prices. Robert suggested that special offers might be advertised in the Newsletter.
· Catherine is happy to prepare boxes of books, leaflets etc. to be taken to local shows etc. such as the forthcoming Denholm Energy and Food Fair.
· Maggie suggested that we put a list of titles available on the website.
· Catherine requested suggestions on titles which we might want to stock.

5. Gardeners’ Question Time.
David Griggs mentioned several venues which he is considering. Many do not meet the criteria set by the BBC or are very expensive. The BBC set a maximum price which can be charged for tickets, and this charge must include light refreshments. We need a density of members in the area of any venue so that we can muster a suitable audience.
Sandy will look at the Hawick Hub and investigate costings.

6. Hawick Allotments exhibition 1st July.
Monica reported that this is under control. Sarah Eno has agreed to be our “knowledgeable person”. The event will include food to sample, kids’ activities, the BOG stall and will aim to support allotment holders and encourage people to take up allotments.

7. Rest of programme.
Dates for various events were decided which will appear in the Newsletter and on the website. The Green Festival in Berwick may not be going ahead this year. Keith would like the names of those planning to attend the grafting workshop at his garden so that he can plan the event and keep track of things. Judith will attempt to keep records of who grafts what onto which root stock and identify the plants which will need to be taken away at a later date.
Sue mentioned that the Wooler Community garden are looking for more input from us if possible.

8. Review so far.
Both David and Susan felt that the events so far this year had gone well.

9. Any Other Business.
· After Potato Day, some potatoes went to the Green Shop to be sold for Farm Africa, tubers were given to 40 Borders schools and the Wooler Community Garden, and the rest were eaten by the Peelham pigs.
· Sarah Eno reported that £31 had been raised by the raffle at the talk on beekeeping and asked if this could be donated to The Borders Beekeepers, which we agreed to.
· Jennifer Britain is going to do proof reading of BOG material.
· We discussed whether or not we should be promoting the work of other like-minded organisations. Robert pointed out that the general policy for advertising has been not to charge charities, but to charge everyone else.
· Jennifer Croall pointed out that The Friends of the Borders General Hospital were doing various fund raising activities and asked if BOG would support with displays etc. Sandy asked if the dates of events could be provided.

The next meeting will be at Keith Banyard’s on 9/9/12. 11.00 a.m. with shared lunch to follow.

Minutes prepared by Judith Davison.