Minutes of BOG meeting. 20/9/11 at Edenhope, Yarrowford.

Val smith, Bill Smith, Blair Cummock, Sarah Cummock, Sandy Irvine, Roberta Carruthers, Jean Bennett, David Catt, Keith Banyard, Marina Catt, Monica Bolton, Prue Pullen, Susan Watts (chair), Judith Davison, Maggie Warner, Sarah Eno.

1. Apologies.
Rosemary Bell, Graham Bell, Robert Leatham, Lesley Angell, David Griggs.

2. The minutes of the last meeting were accepted as a true record. Proposed by Sandy Irvine and seconded by Keith Banyard.

3. Matters arising.
Sandy confirmed that comments made at Woodside about our involvement at Woodside had been a misunderstanding.
Keith is getting inundated with old paper work and pointed out that the old records of the Woodside project would be thrown out once our statutory obligations were fulfilled.
BOG’s appearance at the Green Festival was very successful.
Plans for the budding workshop are underway and rootstock has been ordered.
We hope to organise a talk on wild flowers in the garden for later in the year.
There has been no response to Roberta’s attempts to contact Wooplaw regarding membership.
Our membership of Garden Organic has been revived, but we await further information on the possibility of hosting their AGM.
Worm compost contact- we hope to encourage an article in the newsletter.

4. Apple Day.
Prue reported that adverts will be appearing in papers before Apple Day. Mike has organised the courtyard room for Alec’s apple display and the exhibition hall will be used by various exhibitors. Sue will contact Catherine and John about the book stall. Help will be needed on Saturday to put up the carports and people who can help out on Sunday should contact Prue. Val and Bill will organise the juicing demo, Sue will bring the display boards and BOG will provide 10 tables. We need more “arrows” for the William Tell game, Harestanes will be organising other children’s activities.

The latest H&S advice is that produce for sale does not need lists of ingredients, but should have allergens highlighted. We will do a laminated list of allergens and a notice that products may contain them. Roberta will look after the baking stall. We agreed that any funds raised would be donated to Farm Africa.

5. Recent Events.
West. David reported on an interesting programme, including growing firewood, Ruth’s pocket handkerchief garden, Berrybush hill garden, summer pruning and a visit to Kate Forster’s garden which provides all their fruit and vegetables. Hosts and visitors both benefit from the exchange of ideas at visits. Winter apple pruning follows later in the year.
David also reported on the very interesting joint visit to Nafferton farm in Tynedale.
East. Sue reported on a very interesting visit to the composting farm and the success at the Green Fair. The cuttings workshop in Wooler was very successful and Keith led an interesting workshop on pruning plums and greengages. Plans are underway for the delayed budding workshop for next year.

6. Newsletter.
Blair asked for material to be sent to Robert as soon as possible.

7. Any Other Business.
Monica raised two issues.
The Scottish Borders Museum service is putting on an exhibition about allotments next May, in Hawick museum. We have been asked if we would provide experts, the bookstall and our information boards for a day at a weekend. We agreed in principle, but this will depend on the date chosen and whether people are available.

Monica hopes to get a community orchard going in Hawick. She asked if BOG would be interested in the ideas of donating a fruit tree (possibly apple for a boy and pear for a girl) to newborn babies born in the Borders. We discussed various logistics. Monica will come back with more information at the AGM. We would need to agree a financial cap.

Kate Potts is involved with providing prizes for organic growing at village shows and seeks general support from BOG. This has an obvious overlap with the BOG Show Prize which Jim Cameron has promoted very successfully this year. Sue will clarify the situation and send Kate a letter of support.

Keith asked what progress had been made on the walled garden at Paxton, for which BOG donated £500. Judith will contact Carol Jefferson Davies for more information.
The signatories for our bank accounts need to be updated.

Jean mentioned the possibility of doing a visit next year to the Gertrude Jekyll garden on Holy Island. We may combine this with the grafting workshop.

We will need nominations for Vice- Chairman and one trustee for the AGM.

Maggie pointed out that sending around emails to the membership was cumbersome. She suggested we might explore the use of Facebook which should alert members when new material is added. This moved on tp a discussion of the website, which still has not got a “stop press” section on the front page. Sandy suggested we need to use the newsletter more to promote use of the website.

We then adjourned for a fantastic shared lunch.

Many thanks to Sarah and Andy for hosting the meeting.

Minutes by Judith Davison 3/10/11