Borders Organic Gardeners. Business meeting.
Saturday 8/1/11 at Proctor’s Smiddy, Kelso.

Present. Susan Watts (Chair), David Catt, Sarah Cummock, Blair Cummock, Sarah Eno, Maggie Warner, Michael Scott, Sandy Irvine, Keith Banyard, Judith Davison.

Apologies. Robert Leetham, Lesley Angell, Roberta Carruthers, David Griggs, Marina Catt, Rosemary and Graham Bell, Val and Bill Smith, Cheryl Grassham, Liz and Jim Cameron, Judith and Robin Wolfe, Jayne and David Brettell.

1. Minutes of the last meeting.
These were proposed accurate by Keith Banyard, seconded by David Catt.

2. Matters Arising.
· The Horsetail trials (this was raised at the AGM). Sue has been in contact with Jane and Dave Allen. We now have a summary of the results of the horsetail trials which we hope to get into the newsletter and onto the website. A copy of the full report awaits sorting out a few computer access glitches.
· David reported that changes to the website are ongoing and should be resolved soon.
· Maggie clarified a point which was not mentioned at the AGM- membership fees remain at £5 per household.
· Roberta has volunteered to act as BOG liaison person for Apple Day.

3. BOG programme for 2011.
David and Sue went through the events proposed for 2011. These are summarised separately.

4. Literature report.
Sue will contact Catherine and John requesting a brief report on Literature for 2010. We discussed the BOG book stall at some length, particularly the physical effort and transport logistics involved in moving it around. We will ask Catherine and John’s views on assembling a few “travelling boxes” of pamphlets, leaflets, popular books which could be held over the summer in East and West locations so that they can be taken to workshops, garden visits etc. Keith would like some financial information on stock sold and stock held for the end of each financial year, and we suggested an annual cycle of major displays at Apple Day and Potato Day, stock take and assembly of boxes for use over the summer.

5. Any Other Business.
· Apple Day. Roberta has volunteered to work with Mike as BOG coordinator. Mike was generally happy with how Apple Day had gone, although he considering some changes to commercial stalls. Priorwood have been contacted in the past, with a view to linking the two Apple events more closely, but are limited by staffing issues at the moment.
· BOG accounts. Keith reported that the last accounts had been reviewed by a firm of accountants who had presented the accounts for distribution to Companies House and OSCR. Keith suggested that, in future, he continue to keep track of our finances, present accounts at the AGM in the format we are used to, but that we let the accountants present the data in the format expected by external bodies such as Companies House and OSCR.
· Newsletter. Blair reminded everyone that the date for submission of material to the newsletter was 21st January. As this is the issue before Potato Day, we must keep to schedule on this one so that it lands on the mats in mid February.
· The Potato Day programme- material needs to be with Robert and Blair by 4th February.

We then adjourned for a lunch of soup, bread and cheese.

Many thanks to Sandy and Lizzie for their hospitality.

Minutes prepared by Judith Davison.