Minutes of Business meeting. 19/9/10
3 Black Heddon. Lowick.

Present Sue Watts (chair), Sandy Irvine, David Catt, Sue Neville Taylor, Andy Swales, Judith Davison, Sarah Eno, Blair Cummock, Michael Scott, Roberta Carruthers, Val Smith, Keith Banyard, Pam Boyd.

1. Apologies. Robert Leetham, Cheryl Grassham, Lorraine Douglas, Jayne and David Brettell, Val Hunter, David and Alison Griggs, Graham and Rosemary Bell, Maggie Warner, Bill Smith, Heather Whitacker, Marina Catt, Sarah Cummock.

2. Apple Day.
Mike outlined arrangements so far; issues were discussed with the following outcomes
· Apple identification, with Alec West, will be in the courtyard room. Some BOG display material (pruning etc.) will also be in here.
· The exhibition room is available and will house the BOG book display, the main BOG display boards, stalls requiring refrigeration. The outer doors can be opened to give access directly from outside.
· Outdoor stalls include a fruit producer, possibly a craft display/sales, Borders Beekeepers, a BOG produce stand. Other possibilities are a craft display/sales, an orchard development group, a cider producer, Borders Council recycling display.
· The Ale Valley Pipe Band and another band (to be arranged) will provide entertainment.
· Publicity- Mike has produced and circulated posters, a news release will be put in the papers a week beforehand by Borders Council. Mike will contact David Banks.
· BOG Produce stall. Roberta agreed to coordinate this.
o Fruit etc. for sale must be washed beforehand.
o Preserves, cakes etc. should be labelled with name, postcode, date and ingredients.
o To avoid competition with the café, we will only be selling items not intended for immediate consumption.
o We can do the tasting demo. if apples are washed.
o Val will bring the rotary peeler.
o We can’t sell/give away juice we have pressed ourselves, but we can do a demo.
· Two BOG carports are at Harestanes and David will bring 10 BOG tables, we can set up inside the exhibition and courtyard rooms on Saturday.
· Harestanes staff will organise kids’ activities.
· Mike will do the risk assessments.

3. Website
The blog section has been removed as it was not getting used. David will be contacting Dave Coyle to arrange a meeting about things we want adjusting. These are
o Removal of photos to an archive file after 2 yrs.
o More details on events to be available for logged in members.
o A “Stop Press” section on the Welcome page for urgent notices.
o Access for all editors to make adjustments to events entries.

4. Produce Day.
Judith confirmed her intention, mentioned at an earlier meeting, of not wishing to organise further Produce Days.
This year’s event had interesting and informative displays and stalls, good refreshments, and was a very enjoyable day. Overall we raised £150 for Farm Africa. Unfortunately, attendance by the public was not very good.

Cheryl had provided some valuable feedback and this, along with other views were discussed.

Judith pointed out that finding good venues for this type of event was not easy, and that people tended not to be available to help with organisation over the summer. We are also competing with a lot of other, similar events.

We eventually decided that
o We would like to continue to have some sort of activity at this time of year, but need to consider its format. We may want to take a reduced exhibition to other events.
o We might want to concentrate on providing help for new gardeners or on small scale gardening.
o Developing the BOG Show Prize may be a cost effective way of promoting organic gardening.

Any Other Business.
1. Keith pointed out that we need someone to review our accounts, as the accountant member who used to do this has moved away. We agreed that we would probably have to pay someone to this for this financial year, but will put something in the next BOG news asking if any member with accounting experience is prepared to help.
2. Abbey Row Centre in Kelso. We decided not to renew our affiliation as they now require someone to attend at least 3 meetings a year. We decided to pay the higher fee for the few occasions we book a room in the Centre.
3. We have never received a copy of the results of the Horsetail trials commissioned some years ago. Sue will contact Dave Allen for further information.
4. The date of the next newsletter. We eventually decided on a final date for submission of material of 4th October, which will allow us to get the newsletter out about a week before the AGM. We will also be emailing members who have provided email addresses with AGM details, as well as putting it on the website.
5. We received an enquiry about garden sharing. We decided to put something in the newsletter, suggesting that members interested in sharing a garden should provide brief details to go in a future newsletter.
6. The Walled Kitchen Garden Network is running a weekend course at Dryburgh Abbey Hotel on 24th – 25th September.

Minutes recorded by Judith Davison