Minutes Business Meeting 9th May 2010

Meeting held at Catherine Ross and John Wylie’s house followed by lunch and garden visit- thanks to Catherine and John.

1. Present Sandy Irvine (chair until Susan arrived), Sue Watts (delayed), David Catt, Marina Catt, Lorraine Douglas, Keith Banyard, Sarah Cummock, Pam Boyd, Heather Whitaker, Danielle Ray, Alistair Maynard, Roberta Carruthers.

Apologies Robert Leetham, Judith Davison, Val Smith, Bill Smith.

2. Minutes of the last meeting weren’t available- assumed OK- Sandy was to check in case any business was held over for this meeting.

3. Western organiser David Catt and Eastern organiser Sue Watts went through their programmes for the summer. Details were sent off to BOG News for inclusion in the summer edition. Dates for Produce Day and Apple day were set. The manning of the BOG stand at the Berwick Green Fair was organised. Jayne and David Brettell are taking BOG to the Glendale Show. Roberta is taking the BOG display boards up to Cousland organic allotments and garden openings for Saturday 12th June as they have offered to display and man them there for us.

4. Robert Leetham sorry but unable to edit the next edition of BOG news due to family illness. Keith Banyard suggested we ask David Banks to do it on a one off basis. David was rung at the meeting and was agreeable. All details to be sent to him and he will liase with Blair Cummock.

5. Further to previous discussions on the future direction of the website (Frances Teckkam being unable to coordinate due to other commitments) David Catt, Judith Davison and Maggie Warner are to get together with Dave Coyle to revamp the website. The will try to get it made easier for them to put on the programme and keep the site up to date with events and information.

6. Judith Davison has put together an outline for Produce Day. This year it is on Saturday 4th September in Melrose. As per Judith’s outline, it was decided to go with last year’s format including tomatoes as the tasting subject, as they are the most readily available fruit at that time of year. Roberta Carrathurs won’t be able to do the catering as it is on a Saturday morning. Sue Watts (and perhaps someone else) is willing to get a hygiene certificate to keep the environmental officer sweet. Pleas for help/produce et. Should go in the next BOG news.

7. Apart from sandy Irvine, no other member of the Potato Day steering group was at the meeting. Keith Banyard was very ill and couldn’t be there for Potato Day. He is still catching up and hasn’t been able to do the breakdown of expenditure yet. We started to discuss it but decided to defer the review until the rest of the steering group could be there. Roberta Carruthers has [put together some thoughts on Potato day as she is concerned about the direction it is being taken and the implications for our charity remit. A dedicated meeting would seem to be the best option.

8. Potato day recipe book- Roberta Carruthers is still in the process of getting quotes. Sue Watts is going to finish the final proof reading. If anyone has a rexipe or picture that they would like to include there is still time to get them in. Meanwhile there will the corrected home printed version available.

We adjourned for our usual fantastic lunch and had a very pleasant conducted tour of Catherine and John’s garden and arboretum in the making.

Minutes recorded by Roberta Carruthers.