BOG Business Meeting 16/1/10 at Low Greens, Berwick

Minutes. Apologies.Heavy snow and floods caused several people problems. Apologies were received fromGilly Dalton. Pam Boyd, Frances Tecckam, Pam Collins, Sylvia Auld, Judith and Robin Wolfe, Amanda Dempsey, Frances Lindsay, Jean Bennett, Ruth Morrozzo, Blair and Sarah Cummock, David and Alison Griggs, David and Marina Catt, David Brettell. Present.Sue Watts (Chair), Val Smith, Bill Smith, Keith Banyard, Judith Davison, Sandy Irvine, Maggie Warner, Kathryn Potts, Robert Leetham, Lesley Angell, Sarah Eno, Sue Neville-Taylor, Jayne Brettell. Potato steering group.The members of the steering group gave a brief summary of progress, which is included in the report of the Potato Day meeting held after the Business Meeting.  Website.It was suggested that the website editors should meet soon to review the website. None of us seem to be able to edit the names of sections (Events 2009 needs updating). We also would like to consider a “Stop Press” type area on the front page for urgent information. We will arrange a meeting after Potato Day. Programme 2010.The events up to June 2010 were fixed and will appear in the newsletter.  David Catt has offered to run a polytunnel covering workshop after recent storm damage.  We agreed that, despite tremendous efforts by Amanda Dempsey and David Catt, the family day garden visit had not attracted BOG members with children.  Lesley is working on guidance for people for making garden visits more child friendly. We will send this out, along with other material to people opening their gardens, in the hope that people will bring their children along to get a wider appreciation of gardens and gardening. Literature.Sue will contact Catherine and John to ensure that all is well. Any Other Business. 

1. “More Tasty”

Kathryn Potts outlined this scheme for which she and David Brettell were seeking sponsorship as part of the Local Living initiative. The aim is to encourage people in North Northumberland to enjoy local produce and grow their own food. Kathryn is hoping to find funding to pay up to £250 a day to someone who would work with local communities and schools in North Northumberland on projects such as workshops, encouraging entry to local shows etc. and invited BOG to work in partnership on this project. We agreed that

  • BOG was interested in working in partnership, perhaps by sponsoring prizes in local shows.
  • Kathryn will write something for the newsletter to publicise the project.
  • Robert will give advice on likely costings for the grant application.

2. We have been contacted by The People’s Friend to ask if we would like to contribute and article for a feature they hope to run soon on organic gardening. Judith will seek clarification on what is required and we will try to identify a suitable article from material already in existence. 3. Sarah Eno agreed to write a report for the newsletter on the talk on La Terre Vivante given last year by David Griggs. 4. Leonie Alexander of Whitmuir Farm has contacted us about an application they are putting together for a Grow Local officer. Unfortunately the deadline for this application had already passed. This lead to a wider discussion on the increasing number of organisations seeking the support of BOG, and how we deal with such requests. While we are usually supportive of the initiatives, we decided that we needed to stress that BOG resources comprise of the membership and the newsletter; we have no employed staff to take on work in partnership with other organisations. 5. We have been asked if we would like to do a stand at the Berwick Slow Food exhibition in Berwick in September. Unfortunately this is the weekend after Produce Day and we felt it would be too much to cope with. 6. Produce Day has provisionally been booked in Melrose. 7. Maggie is pursuing a supply of recycling labels for envelopes. 8. Keith is looking for suitable Apple Identification books. 9. Maggie will contact the Eco Schools project about possible surplus potatoes from Potato day.