Minutes- BOG Business Meeting Sunday 10th May 2009.

Sarah Eno (chair), Helen Taggart, Judith and Robin Wolfe, Sarah and Blair Cummock, Marina and David Catt, Pam Boyd, Heather Whitaker, Roberta Carruthers, Susan Watts, Keith Banyard, Win Redmonds, David Griggs, Bill and Val Smith, Robert Leetham, Sandy Irvine, Rosemary Bell, David Banks, Judith Davison.

1. Apologies
Frances Lindsay, Liz and Jim Cameron, Jayne and David Brettell, Maggie Warner, Steven and Joy Elves, Sona Kalindjian.

Sarah thanked Gemma and David Banks for hosting the meeting and plant exchange.

2. Minutes.
The minutes of the last meeting were accepted.

3. Report from Potato Group meeting.
Roberta explained that she wished to stand down from organising Potato Day. At the previous meeting of those involved in running Potato Day, we had decided to appoint a core group to take on the organisation. Roberta said she was willing to work with this group until September, was happy to be involved in any design work and to help out at the 2010 event.
In the following discussion, we decided that the core group should meet soon and should prepare a paper for submission to the wider membership at the next business meeting. Ideas from member will be requested in the forthcoming newsletter and, hopefully, people will bring or send ideas along in September. So far, Robert Leetham, David Banks, Jayne Brettell and Judith Davison have agreed to be part of the core group, with Roberta until September. (N.B. Since the meeting Andy Swales has also volunteered to join the group.)
We expressed our thanks to Roberta for the enormous amount of work she has done over the last three years in setting up and running the new style Potato Day at Kelso.

4. Newsletter publication dates.
Robert pointed out that the new colour printed newsletter takes longer to print and that this means deadlines have to be brought forward. The crucial one is the February issue which needs to get out in time for Potato Day. The deadline will be mid December. The timing of the other two are less critical and we will think about the best times for them to discuss again at the next business meeting.

5. Allotments.
Sandy Irvine has extensive professional and personal experience of allotments and is keen to help BOG member with allotments. He pointed out the dangers of reinventing the wheel and circulated information from several allotment organisations. He suggested that BOG should be signposting these organisations for members.
Discussion on the topic included the need for BOG to cater for members who hold allotments and the recent increase in people wishing to grow their own fruit and vegetables. BOG are registered with the Landshare initiative run by Channel 4 and BOG members have been involved in a number of local activities including visits to allotments and advice to the group in Wooler who have recently taken on an old orchard and garden.

We agreed to put a page on the website about allotments, and to prepare a leaflet to hand out at BOG events. We also want to encourage people to share allotments and to pass on their skills to newcomers.

Roberta mentioned a group who are seeking funding to move an allotment from Glasgow to the community site in Greenlaw. We agreed to give a donation of £250 to this project and to request photos, and an article for the newsletter on the project.

6. Programme for rest of the year.
We agreed times for various events. Summary to follow once a few details are clarified.
Several possibilities were mentioned for future programmes.
Mike Madden may be willing to open his garden in West Linton. David mentioned that the recent workshop in the Edinburgh allotments had attracted many members from Lothian who do not often get to BOG events. He would like to run occasional events in the region for these members.
Sona Kalindjian, a BOG member, will be opening her garden as part of the Ford Village fundraising project.
After his recent talk, Steve Wilkinson mentioned the possibility of BOG doing a visit to the Newcastle University farm.

7. Arrangements for Apple Day.
Sarah had a recent meeting with Mike Scott at Harestanes. Harestanes are taking over the organisation of Apple Day and will organise stallholders, Health and Safety issues etc. They have asked BOG to do the stalls we usually do. Sarah will liaise with Harestanes on this. BOG will provide the carports. (Will Harestanes staff be putting them up?) Details will be finalised in September. Sarah will clarify what the publicity arrangements are.

8. A.O.B.
Keith asked if we had any updated information on the progress of the walled garden at Paxton, to which we had awarded funding. We will contact David Brettell who was the contact for this.

Roberta raised the possibility of doing a BOG Potato Cookbook (suggested title “Fork to Fork”) to include articles on potato growing, cooking etc. as well as recipes.