Minutes of BOG Business Meeting.


Abbey Row Centre. Kelso. Saturday 10/1/09 2.00 p.m.


Present.   Sarah Eno (Chair), David Catt, Marina Catt, Jayne Brettell, Jean Bennett, Robert Leetham, Roberta Carruthers, Amanda Dempsey, Ruth Morozzo, Maggie Warner, Val Smith, Bill Smith, Chris Rainger, Sue Watts, David Griggs, Judith Davison, Frances Tecckam, Bill Bourne.


1. Apologies.  Judith and Robin Wolfe, Keith Banyard, Michael Scott, Frances Lindsay, Blair and Sarah Cummock, Pam Boyd, Heather Whittacker.


Sarah welcomed everyone and we introduced ourselves.


2. Minutes. The minutes of the last business meeting were passed.

 3. Programme for 2009.

The outline programme for the full year, and the detailed programme up to June were agreed and are summarised on a separate document.

We discussed Apple Day and decided that we will NOT do this event in 2009. Sarah will explain this to Mike Scott of Harestanes Centre. Harestanes may wish to run the event themselves, in which case they will have our full support. Laura Aitken did a tremendous job of organising the event for 2008, but we felt that the venue presented problems in that there was insufficient inside space and that parking was becoming more difficult. We intend to take a fresh  look at the idea of Apple Day (or a similar event) next year for the programme for 2010. This will probably involve a small committee. We hope to include some of the items from Apple Day into Produce Day for 2009.


4. Appointment of officers. We still have a vacancy or vacancies for the role which Marina has been doing. The next newsletter will include more details and ask for volunteers.


5. Allotments. There is a growing interest in allotment gardening which BOG is keen to support. Bill Bourne outlined the problems being experienced by Allotment holders and would-be allotment holders in Alnmouth. We decided to register our interest in the Landshare project being started by Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall. (This aims to bring together people wishing to rent land for allotments and owners of suitable land, and to promote allotment gardening.) Judith (and Robert?) will write introductory material for the next newsletter to start discussion and input from members on the topic.

 6. Potato Day. 

Roberta reported that things were going smoothly. “Tasting” will concentrate on winter salads, root veg. and recipes using potatoes. We will provide a simple breakfast at 9.00 a.m. for helpers on the day. Judith will organise First Aid cover and local press advertising. (Jayne has taken over the latter.) Robert asked about selling “Mini-tubers” (one year old micro-plants) and we agreed to try them for varieties not represented in the tuber range. Keith sent along samples from apron manufacturers. Subject to satisfactory green credentials, we agreed to buy 100 from Countryside Craft, both for use at Potato Day etc. and for sale to the public.


There will be a meeting on Saturday 7th Feb. at Roberta’s at 2.00 p.m. to finalise details.

 A.O.B. Website training.

Frances presented a summary of discussions with Dave Quoyle and information on how the site works. David Catt, Judith and Jayne will arrange for further training with Dave in the near future.

Frances is preparing guidelines for editors and presented a summary of how the site works. (Copies from Frances)

We agreed with Frances’ suggestion that the Welcome page should include a message board for things that need short term prominent display.


Jean Bennett mentioned difficulty getting into the site. The most likely cause is that Maggie Warner has not got the right email address. We will ask in the newsletter if other members have encountered this problem.

 Display material.

The committee on this (Marina, Judith and Roberta) decided that we want to get display boards in green. Roberta has been pricing up boards with a local supplier. We decided that we would like two sets of six 900x600mm boards. Roberta will get a price on this and clear this with Keith. We also felt that we should get many permanent display items in a waterproof finish.

The next stage is to decide what the content of these permanent displays should be. Once this is decided, we can then get ideas together on a suitable “house-style” for BOG.

Minutes by Judith Davison 13/1/09