David Griggs, Marina Catt, David Catt, Blair Cummock, Ruth Morozzo, Roberta Carruthers, Graham Bell, Rosemary Bell, Pam Boyd, Heather Whittaker, Jayne Brettell, Keith Banyard, Sarah Eno, Andy Swales, Michael Scott, Sarah Gash, Robert Leetham, Lesley Angell, Susan Watts, Sue Neville-Taylor, David Banks, Bill Smith, Val Smith, Pam Collins, Judith Davison.

Liz and Jim Cameron, Maggie Magee, Robin and Judith Wolfe, Frances and Peter Lindsay, Frances Tecckam, Sandy Irvine, Sarah Cummock, David Brettell, Maggie Warner, Steve and Joy Elves, Lorraine Douglas, Beatrys and James Lockie, Gemma Banks. Silvia Auld, Norma Miles, Jean Philips, Alan and Mary Cartwright.

Minutes of the 2008 AGM.
The minutes were passed as accurate, proposed by Graham Bell, seconded by Keith Banyard. Any matters arising had already been addressed or were included elsewhere.

Chairman. Sarah Eno thanked everyone for their support through the year, which had both started and finished with workshops relating to willow. For the benefit of new members, Sarah outlined the overall layout of the BOG year. This year had been very successful and had seen workshops etc. covering a larger area and a full programme of events. Sarah stressed the need to encourage active participation by BOG members.
Secretary. Judith Davison reported that we had had a good year with a variety of workshops, visits and talks. There had been a number of changes. Roberta has stood down as organiser of Potato Day and her many jobs are being taken up by a steering group. We thanked Roberta for her work is establishing and organising Potato Day in Kelso. Apple Day was managed this year in partnership with Harestanes, and the newsletter is now appearing in colour.
Events- west. David thanked all who had taken part in the western events. Events had covered a wide range of topics and a couple of events which were further afield than our normal activities and had proved very successful. The Family day has run for two years now, but does not seem to be attracting families and a new strategy is needed.
Events- east. The programme this year included 2 workshops, 8 visits and the Green Festival. While numbers at the first workshop (a chilly day in March) had been low, other events had attracted good numbers and all were successful. Susan thanked all those who had opened gardens and helped in other ways.
Literature. Catherine and John were not present. We will put this on the agenda at the next meeting.
Membership. Maggie was not present due to illness, but had sent in a summary of membership data. Membership has continued to rise steadily and we now have over 500 members. Members who pay by standing order were reminded that they need to change payments to the BOG Triodos bank account.
Newsletter. Robert outlined the production process and the work done by himself, Maggie and Blair. 22 members have contributed items to the newsletters, usually about 10-15 appearing in each issue. Robert appealed to the wider membership to put write short articles to widen the scope of the newsletter. Several issues to do with publishing times were left for the afternoon discussion.
Website. Frances was unable to attend the meeting due to a bereavement, we will discuss this at the next business meeting.
Potato Day. We thanked Roberta for her work in setting up Potato Day at Kelso and her work over the last three years. A steering group is now doing the organisation and will be meeting again shortly.
Produce Day. Produce Day was very successful with a very good attendance by the people of Jedburgh, lots of new ideas for stalls etc. in a very pleasant hall. Judith thanked all those involved for their efforts. The number of volunteers was just enough to run the event; many people in Bog were on holiday or had visitors. Judith recommended that next year we run the event in early September when people are available. Ideas were sought for a suitable hall in another location for 2010.
Apple Day. Mike reported that Apple Day had been an enjoyable and successful day with around 350 visitors. Various ways were discussed for improving the event and included press advertising, music, avoiding clashes with organised walks which overloaded the parking facilities, better liaison between Harestanes and BOG.
Treasurer’s Report. Keith presented his report drawing attention to the significant income from Gift Aid. He pointed out that our reserves are building up and that funds should be being used for the purposes of BOG. The difficulty is that schemes which suit our charitable aims tend to require work from BOG members. There have been relatively few applications for funding from local initiatives.
Suggestions included contacting the Eco-schools project, setting up a competition for school and getting onto lists of grant awarders, although, as Keith pointed out, these all involve work by BOG officers in sorting out applications etc. We agreed that it would be appropriate to give out around £2000-£3000 a year in grants to suitable projects. We agreed to discuss further donating to national charities (Later in the day we agreed to donate £500 to the Garden Organic appeal), and to use the newsletter and BOG events to publicise the fact that BOG awarded grants.

Philip Stanbury has acted as our scrutineer for several years, but is now moving from the area. We agreed to Keith’s suggestion that we acknowledge his contribution with a gift of thanks.

The meeting approved the Treasurer’s report and accounts. (Proposed by Roberta and seconded by David Catt.)

Appointment of Office Holders.
Sarah has acted as chairman for two years and stood down. We thanked her for her valuable leadership and hard work over this time. Judith proposed that Susan Watts become chairman, seconded by Jayne and David Banks, and Susan was elected unopposed. Sandy Irvine had expressed willingness to take on the role of vice-chair (vacated by Susan). Sarah outlined a brief biography of Sandy and proposed him for vice chair, seconded by David Banks. Sandy was elected unopposed.

No other officers were standing down and were re-elected. While we felt it was sensible for people with expertise to carry on in current roles, we also felt it was important to encourage other people to take on roles in BOG. We identified possible roles which would benefit from being taken on by new people
· Shadowing existing officers
· Looking after the BOG Show prize
· A role to do with Health and Safety and risk assessments.
· Managing a possible competition for schools.
· A “welcomer” who specifically looks after new members and those attending their first BOG events.
· Possible local representatives to ask as a local contact.

We realise that roles usually evolve to fit the interest of the postholder.

David Catt outlined the role of the director/trustee and suggested that we ought to have some rotation of these roles. There are five directors- the chairman, vice-chairman and three directors specifically elected to this role. We agreed that it would be a good policy for one of the three elected directors to be replaced every year, ensuring reasonable continuity as well as stability. David Catt stood down as a director, and Sarah agreed to become an elected director. Judith proposed, seconded by Keith, that Sarah be elected and Pam and Lorraine be re-elected as directors.

Company Secretary
Judith agreed to the request from the three directors present to continue as company secretary.

Any Other Business.
· Graham suggested that it would be useful to give members more information on birds in their garden. As we discussed this we thought lists/information on other living things would also be of interest, and that this could tie up with involving new people in activities in BOG.
· We discussed the possibility of a talk on brewing etc. Jayne will investigate this further.
· The Soil Association have contacted us to offer support. We will ask Catherine to find out whether they supply books that would be useful for our stall.
· Robert pointed out that seed orders need to be with him by 12 December.
· We discussed the timing of the newsletter, deciding that the current arrangement (January, summer and autumn) was fine. Blair is investigating other potential printers for the newssheet and we agreed that we might pay a bit more for better quality. Jayne expressed our thanks to the team for their efforts.
· Mike asked about how we could put members who live close to each other in contact. There are various data protection issues- Maggie will be consulted on this. Ruth pointed out that Maggie has passed on messages in the past, Robert pointed out that the website “Florum” could be used for initial contacts.
· Lesley led a discussion on how children’s activities could be developed. This was expanded in the afternoon discussion.
· Bill suggested we get an A3 printer and agreed to do some costings.
The meeting ended at 12.15 in time for a particularly good lunch.

Minutes by Judith Davison 19/11/09