5 Wilton Glebe Hawick (Frances Tecckam) 1.30pm 

Present: Laura Aitken, David Banks, Pam BoydDavid Catt, Marina Catt, Roberta Carruthers, Sarah Cummock, Blair Cummock, Lorraine Douglas, Sarah Eno, Mary Jane Foster, Frances Lindsay, Bill Smith, Val Smith, Frances Tecckam, Maggie Warner, Bill Williamson, Sue Watts, Heather Whittacker

Apologies: David Brettell, Jane Brettell, Keith Banyard, Judith Davidson, Robert Leetham, Ruth Morozzo, Judith Wolfe, Robin Wolfe

Chair: Sarah Eno

Woodside and Equisetum trials : appreciation to Jane and David Allan was noted for all their hard work here. It was agreed that their final year’s invoice for £1120 (which is similar to previous years) should be paid though their Final Report is still outstanding. Although the Allans have decided to give up the organic garden at Woodside Annie and Jane will keep it on as an organic garden for people to visit and enjoy, as well as using veg from it in their café. The composting area is to be kept on by Allans until the end of the year. Signs there acknowledging funding need to be kept, including acknowledgment of the legacy used to set it up. Pascal’s bench should also remain. Although Leader+ are happy about the project they need to know what’s happened to the assets. Although their book value is probably zero Annie and Jane would like these to be formally handed over so need something in writing to say BOG no longer owns these (ie the wooden shed, boards, tool sheds, pots etc.) Anything they do not want can be advertised on the website.

Potato Day – feedback : discussion about whether to have so many speakers next year. Agreed that possibly only 1 required (in addition to John Marshall who comes anyway) which will save expense on the other hall. Roberta will try to get the other speaker from this year (NAME?) to talk to us in October/November in Kelso.

Other issues: more programmes required for next year. Not enough room provided for the book/library display. Childrens activities were very good. More volunteers were needed though possibly bigger potato crates might help manpower shortage. Suggestion that forms for volunteering could be given out at AGM though this can be discussed further at Sept. meeting. The bag crèche needed more signs and Val Smith offered her A3 printer to produce these.

Alan Romans concerns: he is worried about having potatoes from French sources. Originally we only had Scottish seed. Sarah suggested Judith should write to him asking him what his concerns are and what he wants done.

Workshops and Visits : Willow workshop – this took place during very bad weather but the few people there enjoyed it. The 2 garden visits on 20 April were well attended and interesting and it was the only dry day that week. Hawick festival – this attracted 5 new members some of whom were present at this meeting so was obviously a success. Peelham Farm visit a great success and as it was free and the owner took up so much of her time with us it was suggested we made a donation – say £50?


Forthcoming programme : 1 June – children/grandchildren event at Amanda Dempsey’s will have Beatrys Lockie storytelling, planting of beans/lettuces etc., treasure hunt. 13 July – Uplands Day starts with pruning of plums workshop at Beatrys Lockie (morning) followed by visit to Sarah Eno ecohouse, Fi Martynoga at Kirkhouse Traquair and Frances Lindsay at Campshiel Traquair (shared picnic).

Wed. 27th August 2pm Municipal composting site Stobs (Hawick) arranged by Maggie Warner followed by Langdale allotments with Ruth Morozzo and then to Denholm (shared picnic) where Monica Bolton is putting in a heat pump and planning a green bank –erosion treatment- on the river.


Produce Day the venue as arranged has no kitchen so is another venue possible or can we manage without? Ideas: a cold tasting table, produce stalls (members could bring more stuff to sell), Farm Africa stall, Heritage varieties (Smiths – last year Val sent £40 to HSL from donations she received), BOG stall with display boards, Members gardens display, Catastrophe Cup.

To Sarah Eno – is this all or do you have more?


Apple Day Organised by Laura Aitken who took down names of volunteers and will use same format as previously. If a new carport is required it can be decided at the September meeting.


Website and Publicity Frances T is planning to get more people trained to use the website. Appreciation mentioned for the change of picture on it (Judith). Is it possible to have a back archive of events? Suggestion that more of the website should be visible to general public, including articles. David Catt has turned 2 topics from Potato Day’s BOG boards into leaflets which can be downloaded from the website.

David Banks mentioned that he can handle any publicity required for any events.

Any other business There was a suggestion from a new member that a talk on how to set up a wildlife/wildflower garden would be useful

Meeting ended about 3.15 pm as there was a Plant exchange to follow it. Many thanks to Frances Tecckam for all the hard work of hosting the shared lunch and meeting.

Minuting Secretary

Frances Lindsay