Minutes of BOG Business Meeting.Mossburnfoot Mill 2.00 p.m. 8/9/07.

Present- Maggie Warner, Keith Banyard, Bill Smith, Val Smith, Ruth Morrozzo, Jean Bennett, Loraine Douglas, Jayne Brettell, Roberta Carruthers, Robert Leetham, Thomas Stewart, Sue Watts, Pam Boyd, Heather Whittaker, David Catt, Marina Catt, David Brettell, Judith Davison.

1. Apologies- David Griggs, Maggie Magee, Frances and Peter Lindsay, Judith and Robin Wolfe, Frances Tecckam, Blair and Sarah Cummock.

2. Minutes of last meeting.

These were approved unanimously.

3. Matters arising

are addressed in the agenda.
4. Treasurer’s Report.

Keith reported that we had spent £357 on advertising and setting up Produce Day. All the takings, amounting to £445, have been passed to Farm Africa. Our account now stands at just over £5000, and all financial matters relating to the Woodside project have now been completed.
5. Reports on recent events.

* Roberta reported on the visit to the Woodside project by representatives of Leader +, who were happy with what they saw.
* Judith reported on Produce Day, which had been very successful all around. The small amount of feedback showed that visitors had been very impressed with the range of exhibits and activities, and enjoyed the teas. Many would have liked more produce to have been available for sale earlier in the day. This year’s poor crops meant that many people did not have surplus to sell, we may be able to offer more in future. We hope to link next year’s Produce Day with the Food Festival being organised in Berwick by the Slow Food group. The following year, it would be nice to go to the west side of the country.
* Ruth reported on very successful workshops on pest control and propagation as well as interesting visits to Beatrys Lockie’s, and Joy and Steve Elves gardens. There is a further workshop on willow coming up. Unfortunately, due to weather problems and unforeseen circumstances, a workshop, a garden visit and the picnic had to be cancelled.
* Jayne reported on an interesting workshop and picnic, despite the atrocious weather, the visit to Bide-a-wee cottage and successful open gardens of Liz and Jim Cameron, and Pauline and Charlie Poulsen. There is a talk coming up in Kelso in November.
* Judith reported on the BOG village show prize. It has been awarded at one show, hopefully more will be on board next year.

6. Forthcoming events.Apple Day.

John Butterworth will not be able to attend. Alec will display around 60 varieties for people to use to do their own identification but will be busy on his stall and unavailable to do individual identifications.

Border Forest Trust will be running their event the preceding day.

There was no volunteer to act as overall coordinator.

There is doubt over to sell juice produced on the day, for health and safety reasons, but we can still demonstrate the process. We hope to find a source of apple juice to sell. We plan to expand the apple tasting activity.

The activities fall into three categories- stalls, children’s activities and things to do with apples. Keith will contact The Green Shop. Sue will act as treasurer on the day. Judith will organise entertainment.

We discussed the possibilities of expanding activities to include selling seeds and garlic, but will keep the current format for this year.
Talk in November.The talk is organised.- ‘Native is Best’ Slow Food and the link between biodiversity and what we eat. -Denise Daly Walton, Peelham Farm. Wednesday 7th November 7pm.The AGM.This will be in Smailholm and will incorporate the seed exchange and outline planning meeting. We will include an introduction to using the website.7. BOG News.Robert asked for reports on various recent and forthcoming events. It should be out by the end of September or early October.8. Website.The training of officers is still underway. 9. New officers.We have nominations for the posts of Chairman and Vice Chairman, we still need a Western coordinator and a Sundries person. There is also scope for people with expertise in publicity, organising display material, photographs etc.10. AOBWe discussed group membership of various organisations and the possibility of creating life memberships for some people. We will get in contact with Garden Organic with a view to organising their AGM in the area again. The BOG bags are now available.Our display material, both stands and posters, needs improvement so that it can be assembled more easily and has more impact.We thanked Marina and David for their hospitality. We went on to a very interesting workshop on the use of plytunnels, led by David, and a discussion, led by Marina, on whether and how BOG should promote aspects of “Green Living.”

Minuting Secretary- Judith Davison